Sunday, March 13, 2005

Can money buy you misery?

You know the old adage if not cliché saying, “Money can’t buy you happiness.” well I’d like use this platitude to elucidate my views of Chelsea FC of the English Premiere League.
Owning a fine high performance German sports car in North America is all about prestige and has nothing to do with using the machine to its maximum capabilities as we have controlled speed limits on all our highways. Thus, you look good on the outside but you can never truly use the insides. Sound boring. Sitting there in a New York traffic jam doesn’t get you where you want to be any faster than the person next to you in the Honda Accord and both cars have air conditioning.
That is how I see Chelsea FC, they may have the prestige of winning, but their style of football is, in my humble opinion, unexciting. It is a defensive style of football that frankly put, puts me to sleep as a fan - truly uninspiring!

Coach Rinus Michels lifts the European Champions Cup for Ajax FC at Wembley in 1971.

During the last weeks, the legendary Dutch coach Rinus Michels passed from this world onto that pitch in the sky on March 3, 2005 at the age of 77. Michels' invented the concept of Total Soccer.
Under Michels, the Netherlands national soccer team recorded some of their most famous victories with a team boasting the great Johan Neeskens and Johan Cruyff.
In 1974, they were defeated 2-1 by Germany in the final of the FIFA World Cup and four years later lost 3-1 to Brazil to become the first back-to-back runners-up in the history of the competition.
Soccer will miss Rinus Michels (1928-2005).

The type of soccer that Michels brought to the game is in antithesis to how Chelsea plays. It comes as no surprise to read the soccer legend and Dutch master Johan Cruyff comment that Chelsea’s style of play is harm to the game. Cruyff considers Chelsea are a real turn-off. Cruyff goes on to say that before long, an empty Stamford Bridge will stand testament to the fans' disgust at a style of football that makes watching paint dry vastly more appealing. Loathsome Chelsea, said he, is a blight on the modern game. Boredom in blue.
According to Cruyff, the result should never justify the means. He said Chelsea's performance in the first leg of the Champions League clash between the league leaders of Spain and England had "done everything to make me loathe football".
Cruyff added: "Barcelona must knock Chelsea out for the good of football. The Chelsea way of playing is clearly results above everything else.

For me Chelsea’s play is as frustrating as owning an Aston Martin DB9 on an American thruway - prestige without pride.

Money can’t buy you everything and most certainly, it can’t buy you happiness. So maybe that’s why Chelsea’s owner the Russian Oligarch, oil billionaire, Roman Abramovich, bought the team to find some kind of expression for his unhappiness. What Abramovich is really doing with his millions of pounds, through Chelsea style of play, is just spreading his misery.
In closing yet another empty vapid platitude, “Misery seeks company”.
Thanks but no thanks Roman.

ps. How can there be a Russian oil billionaire? It seems almost as oxymoronic as considering Joseph Stalin a benevolent dictator.

New symbol of the Evil Empire Chelski FC
pss - it snowed another 6-7 cm (4 inches) last night


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