Saturday, March 05, 2005

Warhol lived a dogs life - Bad dog.

Do you think dogs suffer from human emotions such as jealousy? Well if you own dogs you know that they of course do. Many times I've reached out to greet another dog only to have my little Jack Russell Terrier, named "Skipper", brood with discontent, occasionally making his disapproval apparent with a snarl or a shove.

So it is today, that after portraying my working poodle's pulling the sled (in post below) Skipper wants a little of his fifteen minutes of fame, which in dog years equates to 1 hr. 45 min. of fame - which again proves that it's a dogs life having even 1hr. 30 min. more time in the limelight. Based on this conclusion, Warhol must have been a dog as he certainly had more than his conditional fifteen minutes of fame. Maybe Warhol's additional time is similar to the pigs in George Orwell's "Animal Farm" - all animals are equal, it's just that some animals are more equal than others. Warhol you dog! (I first exhibited with Warhol when I was in my early twenty's.)

Back to my dog and our time.
Thus, I thought I'd give our family pet a little nudge of recognition for all the joy he's brought to our lives here - even if he can't pull a sled and runs around outside on three legs, alternating three of his four, while trying to keep one paw warm. In this picture he is in the living room of our home listening to one of my favourite songs of all time "What About Me?" by The Nihilist Spasm Band.

Good boy, good boy Skipper.


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