Sunday, March 06, 2005

Snow, dogs, shite and shovel.

I spent a little time looking at what I have been focused on in this blog over the last while. It seems I’ve been lamenting the snow in several articles. I have written about shovels. I spent some time talking about dogs and my longest post (in terms of cm.) has been on shite.
All of this has conjured up a horrible image in my mind. It is of what I like the least of spring thaw and it relates directly to all of the above. What might that be? Well they are not the flowers of spring, but they do pop out from under the snow and produce an odiferous scent into the air. Those freshly thawed dog turds, which only spring, can reveal in all its majesty and to my disgust. Yes, that will be me with the damn shovel cleaning up the legacy of winter in the short weeks to come. Yuk.

Why write a blog on dog poop? For no other reason than to convey the fact that the mundane exists even in the life of an artist. It is not all about sitting in a café with a beret on soaking up the suds, as the muse whisper inspiration into our ears. No sometimes it is as boring as shoveling poop, driving the kids, getting groceries, making dinner everyday, cleaning up and all those domestic responsibilities that we all face. Reassuring isn’t it!

Yuk, the one thing about spring I'm not looking forward to.


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