Thursday, March 10, 2005

I’m just Footy Mad

Those of you that are as Footy Mad as I am will already know how I am doing this fine day.

The Arsenal has lost to Bayern in aggregate total goals for the UEFA Champions League Cup.
Thus Arsenals win of 1 – 0 Bayern last night was not enough to displace Bayern who go ahead with 1 goal aggregate from their previous game at Bayern 3 – 1 Arsenal. The tragedy of it all!

So how do I deal with such a loss? Well if a picture is worth a thousand words then here is the picture, which expresses exactly how I feel.

A young soccer supporter expresses just how I feel about loosing.

That said I congratulate Bayern on the win, they worked hard for it and good luck with the rest of the tournament. As for me I’m rooting for Olympique Lyon now in this tournament. I can’t cheer for Chelsea (the evil Empire), I’m an AJAX fan so it’s hard to support PSV, Barcelona is out, so GO LYON. If Lyon loose then GO PSV. If PSV loose then GO LIVERPOOL. If they loose... I'M JUST FOOTY MAD.

Now all of this conjures up the catholic guilt in me. You know the feeling: it was my fault, I didn’t support the team enough, I didn’t believe strong enough, I should have spent more money on team merchandise, damn I should have taken the few dollars I do have and flown to the real London and watched the game at Highbury. So being the good catholic boy I was, I am going to make my penance clear in the hope of bringing the team back to glory for next years cup matches. I have decided to have my bedroom re-decorated, as shown below, and then I know they will be invincible and win everything: English Premiere League, Champions League Cup, FA Cup, Carling Cup, even the bleeding World Cup. For that matter, Arsenal will even win the Stanley Cup as no one is playing for it anyway, eh!

My future bedroom - mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa...

Shite, if that doesn’t work I’ll have my whole house done up like above, even on the outside. However, no club tattoos for me and my family – okay maybe the dog.

Off to get something to help with this gruesome headache – imbibed too many pints last night. Why do English bitters taste so sweet? -> Hey there is something in that question, a message or something…

Ouch my head hurts just from thinking.
ps. Yes it is still very cold and we still have a ton of snow on the ground.


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