Saturday, March 05, 2005

Always that wry little smile.

Well, the sun burst out of the grey today and cast its warming glow over all of creation. How resplendent nature becomes when embraced with the warming rays of the sun. I'd thought you should see it in juxtaposition to the summer light. Here are two images from the same sculpture in my backyard, one in summer and the other winter. Funny the Buddha just doesn't seem to mind the cold and smiles glibly through it all. Me I'm freezing my balls off and Buddha just smiles. In the summer I'm sweating like a sprinkler system and the Buddha just smiles. You know there are days I'd like to wipe that smirk right of Buddha's face but happily this isn't one of them. I would nevertheless like to postulate the question "How do you wipe the smile of the Buddha’s face?" You wipe it off with a hammer of course or a lot of sandpaper ;)

Here is something to smile about Arsenal 3 vs Portsmouth 0 - March 5, 2005. Go Gunners Go! You'd need a canon to wipe the smile off of my face -> Manchester United 0 vs Cyrstal Palace 0. Oh yeah!


Blogger NOWHERE MAN said...

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1:44 p.m.  
Blogger Gerard Pas said...

Thanks for your interest. Yes I am interested in Japan but sadly too poor to do anything about it other than read. Hint, hint!

I will most definetly check out your blog.

Donations for the "Send Gerard to Japan" fund can be made at....

4:03 p.m.  
Blogger hokkaidoabbey said...

Hi Gerald Pas,

You could sand, scrape, gouge, or otherwise use violence to remove the Buddha's smile, but he'd keep on smiling just the same. Maybe he'd even smile more.

I also live in Japan.


6:49 p.m.  
Blogger Gerard Pas said...

True enough. I guess that's the beauty of the smiling Buddha, you just can't wipe the smile off his face.

9:24 p.m.  

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