Friday, July 15, 2005

finding the lake of healing

the sunsets on Lake Huron

I have spent the last several days up at Lake Huron, one of the Great Lakes, which we have the privilege of using when living here in Ontario. For my local friends: I spent it at the Pinery Provincial Park.

It’s been so blistering hot here as of late that we almost dare not go outside for fear of melting with temperatures that feel like 42 Celsius because of a combination of temperature and humidity or what they call the humidex reading. It has been brutal.

I really enjoyed the lake because it changes your whole perspective on this unbelievable heat wave we’ve been having this last month. When you feel uncomfortable, you jump into the crystal clear water, swim around for a few moments and you’re good to go for another hour or at least until your hot again. That’s all we did for the last week and while normally I would see this as self-indulgence, I have to say I really enjoyed myself.
No computers, no city, no hassles, just swim and eat and swim some more.

I wish depression had a lake to jump in, swim around a bit, until you’re good to go or until you need to jump in again. If only life were so easy but then if it were maybe people would only spend their times on the shore of that lake and not do anything else because it would be so tempting not to leave. Like the fountain of youth, I’m all for finding that lake. You know that I’d just open my eyes and it would be the lake already in front of me.


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