Thursday, June 23, 2005

sundrops for june 23rd

Every morning of my birthday, I have walked out into our gardens where I’ve observed that this quaint petit little yellow flower comes into full bloom. As such, I consider it my birthday flower because it is the most profusely blooming flower in our garden on this day.

The flower is called Oenothera fruticosa Youngii L.: narrow leaf Evening Primrose, or Sundrops. It is very common throughout most of Eastern North America and is very easy to grow. I realize that Hallmark and most other seller of birthday commodities consider the Rose the June flower and I have no objection to that as the Rose has its own charm. For me though my birthday flower remains the Oenothera fruticosa: Sundrop or Evening Primrose.

It’s easy for the Rose to gain more attention than the Sundrop with its large petals and marvelous scent and I do consider it royalty in the garden. Nevertheless, the meek and less pretentious Sundrop has its own splendid way of saying happy birthday to me with a smaller voice and after 50 birthdays, I do not think I want it said much louder than that.
This plant provides a great paradox for me, Sundrops by day but Evening Primrose by night. Bright and cheery through the day but also making it’s comment through the night.
That is what I appreciate about the meekness of this plant is that it gathers its name Evening Primrose because its scent is barely noticeable during the day but at night, it becomes subtly sweet and strong. That’s how I’d like to live my life: be bright and cheery and know just when to turn on the charms, remaining humble throughout.


Blogger militaryman said...

Happy Birthday! I've missed looking at your blog, reading your words and seeing the pictures. I'm back.

2:45 p.m.  
Blogger Gerard Pas said...

Thank you! Glad your back, hows your blog doing?

4:40 p.m.  
Blogger militaryman said...

When I get a chance to blog, I'm going over my trip as it happened. I'm all about order. No post since last Thursday?

11:28 a.m.  
Blogger militaryman said...

Hello! Anyone home?

10:53 a.m.  
Blogger Gerard Pas said...

sorry I've been on a mind bender in other words the lights our on and someone is home just not answering the door.
no harm intended i just get in these moods.
but i always answer it just takes me time.

12:11 p.m.  

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