Tuesday, May 31, 2005

our garden becomes violet

Violet is the predominate end of spring and beginning of summer colour of our garden.

our gardens turn royal purple to welcome in summer

My garden turns violet and green at the end of spring, here you see wild geranium transplanted from Vermont in the foreground, the bloom orbs of the Chives, which will soon blossom in violet, with a background of indigo Iris and purple Alliums. Together with the Rhododendron and other flowers, I’ve already shown you, my garden truly turns a verdant royal purple to welcome summer.

Red-Breasted Thrush (Robin) nesting

It is funny for me when I mentioned the Robin – Red Breasted Thrush as spring approached, it truly represents the arrival of spring for us here on the 45 parallel - earlier post of March 29th 2005. I say funny now because the Robin has come back to me as spring slowly becomes early summer. As you can see, a Robin has made a nest in my Norwegian Maple tree next to my deck. It made me happy as a “tree lover” because there used to be a very large soft Maple where this hardwood now stands. That old tree had Woodpeckers and an array of other birds. This is the first bird to have nested in this tree, next to my deck where my tall old maple once stood. It sits on its eggs and carols us from the tree with a “tyeep” and prolonged “tut-tut-tut” as we dine outdoors. What is also funny is that I wanted to include a photo of a Robin for that above post but everyone I took was of poor quality. Gladly, the Robin appeased my desire for photos, only not according to my timetable. I guess Robins are like that because for me they never come soon enough to herald in spring either during our long hard winters.


In my post below “spirals can be fun”, I mention the Allium Flower that grows in our resplendent gardens. I used to live in Amsterdam and would often take a train down to Rotterdam. That train would always go through Harlem and the flowers fields of Holland. These plants remind me of those trips on the train as you’d look out and see an incredible patchwork of colours from the endless fields of flowers. I always remember the large fields of Alliums and so when they bloom in our garden they take me back to spring in the flowers field of Holland, my birthplace and loved home.

Soon this purple and the advent of summer will be complimented by its complimentary colour of yellow in sweet Iris and dazzling Columbines. Another wonderful study of secondary and primary colours.



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