Sunday, May 22, 2005

spirals can be fun

I have this thing for Spirals

There are times I just like to doodle using spirals, even with my photographs. I don’t per-say call it art but I do call it having fun with art and spirals -- nothing more and certainly nothing less. Like this spiral I made out of a photo of the Allium Flower just beginning to bloom in my yard-- purely and simply fun. When the thirty or so Alliums growing in my flower beds come into bloom, it is a striking sight but this image was just for play – consider it a slow news day from the garden if you’d like. That said, I’m still having fun with my garden even if it is by only using Photoshop.
Here’s another which I did from a previously submitted image of the Fritillaria found in this post “Fruithilarious to Fritillaria and back again”. If you’d just like to see the original image of this flower click here or click on the image below for enlargement.



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