Tuesday, March 29, 2005

It is official, spring is truly here!

It is official, spring is truly here! I saw my first Robin (Turdus Migratorius or Red-Breasted Thrush) this morning. You might ask, “What’s the big deal about seeing this bird?” Where it July or August I’d agree with your question, as it would be nothing special to see one in this part of the world. However, at this time of year this bird truly represents the beginning of spring for us, as it has returned from its winter migration in Mexico. The reason it is so special to see one at this time of year is that the Robin is a songbird. In these northern climes, the return of the songbird is the return of spring, as they eat insects and worms, the return of insects is the return of the Robin and so forth and so one, down the food chain. The bird sang a song for me as it took flight while I tried to get closer to photograph it (Regrettably using the digital zoom, at such distance, made the image inferior to the quality of image I like to present here.). What a sweet sound it was as it caroled its sharp “tyeep” and prolonged “tut-tut-tut” for me.

Another sign of spring also presented its visceral beauty to me this fine morning. The first of the Crocus popped their heads up and bloomed in our still dormant lawn. These delicate and tiny flowers are not the big Crocus, which will soon appear but tender and slim little beauties, which last but a moment but in that moment say so much. They are the first of the Crocus and again reassure us that the time of rejuvenation is truly at hand.

The first of the Crocus have appeared.
Now if I was a quantum physicist how would I explain these ephemeral petit flowers and why are they here? I’ll tell you why, because the Great Creator God made them for his pleasure so that we might enjoy them and of that, we most certainly do. Each leaf cut in a different pattern, each delicate tiny petal resplendent in its brilliance and all screaming that life is joy. While I understand it from the perspective of the food chain, the flowers feed the insects, which feed the birds, etc.; I can never see it simply reduced to mechanics of organisms. Why, well take another look at it and what does it say? They say that all is right with the universe and that these events that provide the food chain all have purpose. That purpose is to glorify the creator God who created it for us so that we could enjoy it forever. That little flower says all that to me and to add to my pleasure I am serenaded by a clear tyeep, tyeep, tyeep and long prolonged tut-tut-tut.

Take another look at these flowers and ask what do they say?


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