Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The sin of Hubris and Chelsea Football Club

“Uefa's disciplinary committee yesterday accused Jose Mourinho of "poisoning" football with the claim that the referee Anders Frisk had spoken in his dressing room with the Barcelona manager Frank Rijkaard at the Camp Nou last month.
Yesterday Chelsea, Mourinho, his assistant Steve Clarke and the club's security official Les Miles were charged with bringing the game into disrepute. Mourinho, Clarke and Miles were accused of making "wrong and unfounded" statements over what they claimed they had seen occur at half-time of the Champions League match at the Camp Nou and the trio may now face fines or touchline bans if found guilty at a hearing on March 31.”
Uefa rages at Mourinho 'poison'”, by Matt Scott. Tuesday March 22, 2005. The Guardian

Beyond The Edge of Reason - is not an oxy-Mourinho

Well I don’t want to harp on about the same thing, time in and time out, but as this is the topic of the day it’s time to do just that, I’m back to the old saw and bending it to make the same ranting sounds yet again.
At the risk of sounding as if I’m wearing a white collar surrounded by black, I am forced to fall back on an intrinsic law of life: “Your sins find you out”. Lies make you feel as though you solve a problem quickly but the long-term results of such behavior lead to huge issues of self-esteem. I think the Chelski thing is exactly such an example as I’ve said time and time again. Even when they “The Mercedes Marxists” or better yet a classic example of an oxymoron “Rich-Russian Backed Team” (i.e., benevolent dictator) win the EPL, look at what they’re doing with their reputation both in England, Europe and amongst fans of the beautiful game worldwide.

Think about it, when Johann Kruyff says things like “before long, an empty Stamford Bridge will stand testament to the fans' disgust at a style of football that makes watching paint dry vastly more appealing. Loathsome Chelsea," said he, "is blight on the modern game. Boredom in blue.” When Officials state that their leaving the game or retiring, because of a clubs official comments and fans conduct. When UEFA charges three of your team’s officials, coaches, security for inappropriate behavior and accuses you publicly of being liars. When the EPL and FA are pressing over charges of tapping up of a cross town rival team (Arsenal). You’d start to think that the proverbial shite was hitting the fan. No not (oxy)Moron-ho and his glaring example of what he thinks of all the various means of professional behavior by a team and it’s coaches towards the whole infrastructure of European football.

Detail from my work: SISYPHUS' DESCENDANTS (Triptych) by Gerard Pas 1993-96.
Chelski leadership is the quintessential example of HUBRIS gone completely amuck. What they don’t realize is that they are creating an environment similar to that of the Greek character “Sisyphus” whose punishment for the same sin of hubris was to push a damn stone up a mountain only to have it role down and push it back up the other side, ad-infinitum. The best I could say about Cheski is that they have the “Midas touch” but with silver instead of gold. Sadly, at the end of the day when everything you touch turns to “silver” what good is it if you lost all that you love about football. Truly, they will reap the seeds that they themselves deserve. I’m glad that UEFA had the “balls” to actually stand up and say “We think your getting to big for your own shoes and this behavior must stop”, by charging three members of the club, something the spineless FA seems reluctant to do. I hate to say it but the chickens are coming home to roost.

What kills me in all of this is that the sin of pride has so blinded Chelski’s management that they probably think they’re right and that fans worldwide don’t see it. Truly, hubris gone mad.

I’m the kinds of person who likes to give second chances but this whole thing has indeed gotten out of hand and Cheski needs at the very least to be censored by the powers that be. This media BS that they dish out as a tissue of lies needs to be stopped. How I don’t know? Maybe, Moron-ho’ parish priest needs to make this good catholic boy say a string of rosaries or put on a hair shirt on under his suit, then again maybe UEFA or FIFA needs to make them smart some with something painful other than a fine.

All said, “Yes Johnny there is a God!” and righteousness does prevail, your sins do find you out. Chelski will indeed get what it deserves with its Midas touch and it’s hubris as we are beginning to see now.
Sadly, is this just the beginning of a new state in the high financed world of sport entertainment, when leaders such as (oxy)Moron-ho become the benchmark of how to behave? A very sad comment on the business of sport and soccer.

I all of this I don’t slight the players of Chelski as they are living out their dream, sadly maybe they don’t realize that money can’t buy you happiness but can most certainly help you spread misery as it seeks company.


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