Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Reality TV's Real Message

Just how eccentric am I?
After watching so-called reality TV, I am convinced that overall message of these shows is on a similar plane to politics. Lying, cheating, and every other such moral dilemma sadly receives just too much affirmation. That is not how life should be lived and this is most definitely not reality! Regrettably, the message being sent is the wrong message - but then would love, generosity, kindness, and compassion sell on prime time TV? If it’s "lonely at the top”, who would aspire to be there when you'd could be with your friends and family? The only real message from reality TV that rings true to my ear is that “Money is the root of all evil!”
That said, I do have a sense of humor and after watching last nights episode (22/03/05) of the Amazing Race I had to laugh and laugh I did. Watching these two play a game and do it so perfectly. When they stepped on that plane, after catching up, seeing the faces of the others who thought they hadn't made it. One of the couples actually remarked "Survive this", assuming they had been left behind, only to watch them walk down the aisle of the jet a moment later… ouch, my side still hurts from laughter.
In the abstract and on a level of pure entertainment, these two do it the very best and I am dually impressed by their luck, sheer ability and competitiveness. So just how whacked out am I…

Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich

Amazing Survivors
For Presidents of the USA


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