Thursday, June 09, 2005


Just three of the different coloured Peonies that grow along the southern exposure of our home. What a delightful and rewarding flower is the Peony, all of them right up to the Tree Peony.

what a delicate Mandela

This white Peony is my favourite of all our Peonies. Its supple petals are so subtle to look at, as perfect a Mandela as the Lotus Flower. I really love this flower because of how the white petals work as colour, a good subject for an oil painting.
I am currently using a full 768 x 1024 version of this above flower as my desktop image and am offering it to you as a download by clicking here “Pas Peony Wallpaper”. It truly is a beautiful desktop image and easy to use: just click on the link and then save the image (right click or apple key to save). I assume you know the rest but if not just ask I'll be happy to help. The jpeg image is 570kb and 768 X 1024 pixels.
My gift of flowers to you, enjoy – it’s a nice way to start your machine and your day.

Artic Peony

I love the soothing cool yellow with its peachy inner petals of the Artic Peony, this one has already started to drop it’s petals.. My dad gave me this one so I think on him when I look at it. Aah, dad we shared one common love of flowers, wait he’s making sculptures out of clay and I’m… oh yes, he still loves his flowers to.


This Peony no matter when I photograph it comes out with these vibrant magentas and shocking reds. It is so bright that it’s gaudy! I just can’t imagine anyone wearing this colour except maybe Liberace clones in Las Vegas, looking for the where about of Elvis, after a recent spotting of him at the Wal-Mart; or which ever store needs some quick press.That said it does look nice in a cluster.



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