Tuesday, October 04, 2005

sedums - dragon's blood

I mentioned Sedums in yesterdays post. Today I’d thought I’d show you one of our Sedums photographed in mid summer and today in the fall.

Before I do, I’d thought I might go back to yesterday “Blue Monday”. After writing the post, I went on with my evening and couldn’t get the idea out my head that my comments on winter and the preparations it requires of us here in Canada, might somehow seem like complaining. It’s not really a complaint more than it is a fact, similar to societies of the past we must ready ourselves and our homes for what can be a brutal season. I just don’t like doing it but it’s not all doom and gloom unlike societies of the past we have “big box stores” and super grocery stores. Otherwise we’d of been canning and pickling all summer getting ready for winter.

That said I wouldn’t want anyone to think that while I observe the signs of fall all around, I’m not enjoying the beauty, which surrounds me, all the while fretting over winter. I strongly believe in “stopping and smelling”, the air, the earth, the fragrance of the flora and fauna of all four seasons. I’m grateful for the beauty of my habitat, this beautiful country, and all beautiful countries. Yes, even winter provides its own incredible beauty but after more than 40 of them here in the Northeast I’m very inclined to the South of France or South Africa throughout the winters. South Africa when you’re poor as it’s so cheap there, our winter is there summer, and the south of France when you’re just rolling in money so it doesn’t matter what things cost there. South Africa is just amazing and if it weren’t so far away I’d spend much more time there, I just love sitting on the patio next to the pool and hundred-year-old geraniums while watching the Sacred Ibis in the palms above our head. I also like sitting on the beach near Durban, by the Indian Ocean, watching the large waves roll in with surfers trying to catch a ride. I did a photo-painting of the Indian Ocean near Durban for my website: to illustrate a friend’s poem we published there – to view this page and read Chris Angell’s poems click here.

The Indian Ocean looking towards Durban 2001

Sedum – Dragon’s Blood

This herbaceous perennial, is from a large group of plants with succulent green leaves. Its foliage and flowers are both attractive and change marvelously throughout the seasons. Another quality is that it is very drought tolerant and does well on poor or dry sites in the garden. We have several different genuses but I like these the best. I regret that I can’t tell you which genus ours are just that they’re Sedum. I also like the common name of Dragon’s Blood as it conjures up interesting images as you see its fall foliage.

Sedum in midsummer
detail of midsummer Sedum
the same Sedums - Dragon’s Blood photographed this afternoon
detail of fall Sedum reveals why it’s called Dragons Blood
macro of Sedum petals



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