Monday, September 19, 2005

lotus flower

Lotus flower leaf
Even without its magnificent blooms, I still find the Lotus leaf a beautiful marvel floating on or above the water. The Lotus flower symbolizes so much about what is good in life. The Lotus flower is the only plant to fruit and flower simultaneously, as it emerges from the depths of the muddy swamp. To some it symbolizes the manifestation of the universal Buddha Nature or Christ Consciousness inherent equally in all life; spiritual enlightenment. I am more of a skeptic about such terms as universal consciousness and spiritual enlightenment but I love it for what it is. Growing from the mud at the bottom of ponds and streams, the exquisite Lotus flower rises above the water and is usually white or pink with 15 or more oval, spreading petals, and a peculiar, flat seedcase at its center.
These Lotus leafs grow in a friends “Curing Pond” as indicated by her tile work around the pond. It truly makes me feel better, when I sit there next to it with her and marvel at the wonders of nature even these simple leafs. The pond seems to work and her friendship is a like a healing balm, which I am fortunate to have. I say this because sometimes we take things for granted like friendship. For example: the East Indian lotus, N. nucifera, found in southern Asia, was introduced into Egypt about 2,500 years ago but is no longer found in the Nile region: how could this of happened.
The Curing Pond by Jamelie Hassan


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