Sunday, October 02, 2005

jack in the pulpit seed

Jack in the Pulpits in May

Remember these “Jack in the Pulpits” from my May 15, 2005 posting of the same name.
Below are the seeds, which these above plants produced. I think they are simply amazing as they start from the Pulpit turn into these large green berries and then as fall comes turn to an orange then a brilliant red. Laying on their sides because of the weight of the seed these simple plants produce a cornucopia of seed.

The Jack in the Pulpit takes a few years to develop into a mature flowering plant from the seed. I grew all my own plants from seed. When you see the above image from spring and these seed pictures from fall, you can see why I enjoy these plants as much as I do.

In some ways the seeds are more interesting than the flower in terms of vivid colours. What a blessing the garden provides in all its stages throughout the seasons.

I wonder what Jack is preaching from his pulpit?

Jack in the Pulpit seeds Sept. - Oct.



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