Thursday, October 13, 2005

hydrangeas - one bloom of love

only the one bloom

Nature like life, in as much as life is also nature, provides some real whacky shite at times. You can love something in nature and by the fact you do, you make it so happy that it doesn’t flower for you. It’s weird really because you’d think it would be the reversal -- more love more flowers, more money more art, more pills more happy feelings, more is less unless of course less is more, more of more, more, more, more… and the one with the most toys at the end still dies
So, I have this large Japanese Hydrangea bush, which I have given an inordinate amount of attention to this season. Short of going out and talking to it, (my neighbour already thinks I’m weird), this plant has gotten everything else. When the heat of the full sun causes it to shrink into seclusion, we’d water it, with all the other amenities a gardener gives. I wanted to see the glorious bundles of large blooms covering the entire plant and with a sulphur bath; those petals are a stunning washed out cobalt blue. Well as it where, when Hydrangeas normally bloom there was nothing happening on our shrub, nada, nix, didily squat! You’ve got to wonder.

the bloom of love
So here we are on this ladder of depression as it ascends into the purification of winter and what should suddenly appear, one bloom, the bloom above. Before the frost and with no time to form seed this one bloom reveals itself. It defeats the laws of nature! My hydrangeas have been exceptionally strange this year. What with a recent planting forming an exquisite handicapped bloom (what many discard I treasure – see below) and now this one pinkish bloom, I’m scratching my ass and wondering.
What’s worse is that I suck at tuff-love, next year I’m going to have to deal it out in order to make the shrub and the new planting happier. Weird, you bet. It’s like anti-depressive medication you take it to feel happier but who really wants to be there, meds for happiness, I’d rather just be happy without the meds. What do you do? You have to wonder when a plant wants tough love to make it happy.



Blogger Okir said...

Whether few blooms or many, first blooms or last -- your photographs are so lovely.

p.s. you can set your comments to cull out spam; it just creates one more step to do when people comment, but many bloggers are now taking advantage of that, since spamming is on the increase (damn them!)

10:31 p.m.  
Blogger Gerard Pas said...

Thank you for your kind words. I have been taking so many pictures that my painting is taking a back stage these days. I love doing it with a passion and these blooms which surround me make for good studies because I love them also - it's a good marriage that way.
Yours words give me encouragement.
As for your tip on blocking "comment spam", I'm going to take a hard look into it. It's just that I promised myself to answer any comment and the spam just throws a wrench into my day. Too much to do and then to deal with the lunacy of spam.

12:11 a.m.  

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