Thursday, May 05, 2005

I'm Beat but not as in 'nik'

The first of my backyard gardens,
closet to our deck and visible from the studio windows.

Well I am thoroughly exhausted after a hard days work at the monastery. Adorers of the Precious Blood Nuns are real taskmasters, their all betrothed. I like them; I just don’t know what they make of me.

Add to my tiredness the fact that I worked until the wee hours of the morning last night writing. I’ve been working on my current “love work”, the story of how I came to know William S. Burroughs and our escapades together. I’m beat, as in worn down and not as in ‘nik’. Funny thing is that at 50 I’m too young to have been a Beatnik, even if I’ve met most of them in my artistic sojourn, they were all 25 years older than I was.
I also am not a hippie, I consumed hippie like Beatles’ Bubble Gum cards or my Beatle Lunch Pail. That said, I do love flowers and would encourage another counterculture movement that had flowers as its focus.

Anyway, I want to finish the text on Burroughs soon, maybe even the rough draft tonight. Then I’ll work on the many photos’ I have of Bill and Beat Company to illustrate the text. Then it should be done and I’ll post a link and the info here as I intend to publish it on my website in the Memoirs Section of the Library. I hope that it will be complete in the next week. I may lay off posting here for a few days so that I can finish it.

In the meantime, I’m going to bid farewell. Hope your day was as nice climatologically as mine was (as seen above in my generic garden picture taken at 17:00hr EST)!


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