Saturday, October 29, 2005

fall is upon us

Well we had a serious frost last night, not the absolute killer of frosts but good enough to freeze any plant that bares a lot of water. My begonias, lilies, and the rest all lay withered with their life juices staining the soil or patio, as the cold wringed every ounce of water and colour out of them. A sad sight as these plants, the impatiens for example, are always at their best just before the last frost freezes them back to sleep. Hell for me is a cold place, the kinda cold that burns like fire – a touch to dry ice.

Yesterday I took my dog for a short walk out behind the Monastery of Precious Blood Sisters where I work. This was what I saw looking to the north. Yes, the Nuns are in the city near the University of Western Ontario. Its beautiful here: considering London is a 350,000 people city, we still have lotsa open spaces where you can collect your thoughts, the nuns have it good at their monastery plenty of time to pray and spaces to do it in peace.

What I saw on my walk was the beginnings of the true fall – I took the image below for you. After last night brutal frost, the leaves in our yard were falling so fast in a gentle breeze. You could hear them touch the ground with a tic – tic – tic. Like a good kabouter (gnome), I was outside putting up storm windows and getting ready for the winter. For the next two week’s we’ll start to see all the leaves fall and the barren trees they sustained with life.



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