Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Boddingtons: the 100% Mancunian 90% Welsh beer. Say what???

On Thursday 9th September 2004 the staff at Boddingtons at Strangeways Brewery were told of its intended closure at the end of February 2005. This is not the first time that Interbrew the Belgium owners of Boddingtons have tried to move the famous 'Cream of Manchester' out of the city. To read More click here.

“It won't be the Cream of Manchester, it will become the sour grapes of South Wales.”
Franny Joyce,
Transport and General Workers' Union - T&G

Boddingtons: the 100% Mancunian 90% Welsh beer. Say what??? You have to be joking!

How can it be that Interbrew (the world’s largest volume brewer – InBev) could even think of moving Boddingtons Beer, commonly known internationally as “The Cream of Manchester” to a brewery in Wales? Boddingtons Beer has been brewed at Strangeways Brewery in Manchester City England for over 228 years, since 1778. Citing efficiency as the cause, Interbrew UK plans to move 90% of the brewery to its new canning facility in Wales, keeping the beer cask production in Manchester.
I consider Boddingtons Cream Ale (Boddies) one of the finest brews to have ever crossed my lips. The very idea that Interbrew would move the brewery from Manchester is perplexing to me. Its globalization gone mad: you know it is a sad day when your hometown beer becomes an import even though you are still living in your hometown.
I am encouraging you to help the lovers of Boddies worldwide, the citizens of Manchester and the brewery workers to keep their brewery at home by signing their petition to keep Boddingtons in Manchester. You can read more about Manchester’s concerns at their website http://www.savethecream.co.uk/ Remember to sign the petition.” GP

Click on the above image to see a humorous old Boddingtons Ad with Melanie Sykes

Okay, first a post on football / soceer and now one on beer.Yes, I drink beer, gallons of it. No, I don’t have a bulbous belly and I might very well have a hangover from last nights copious imbibing.But this post isn’t about that! It is about the consequences of World Globalization and how it effects all of our communities. It’s about labourers and the separation they are subjected to from what they make. It’s about trying to come to terms with what’s happening to our societies world wide as fewer people and corporations control even larger amounts of the world’s economy, while the poor have even less. Dang, maybe that’s why I drink – no I just drink to settle the pain of individual alienation. GP


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