Monday, December 20, 2004

And now for something completely different.

Not unlike a Monty Python skit, I will now take a radical turn from my serious art concerns to present one of my current indulgences as frivolous at it may seem.

I am a big soccer / football fan. As a Dutchman, I would normally support AJAX FC of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Alas, living in North America makes this very hard to do in terms of watching live games.
About two years ago, I decided to start watching English Premier League (EPL) Football because my TV would permit me to watch almost all the games from each and every team. Still with some bias, I started following some of the Dutch players who played professionally in England, which took me to several clubs at the time. Having loved Denis Bergkamp as a member of the Dutch National Team, I began to watch Arsenal FC, London, for which he played in England. The result was an ever increasing interest in following Arsenal games and not too soon after becoming a complete supporter of the club. Yes, I am a Gooner (Gunner).

Visit Arsenal FC by clicking here.
Visit Arsenal's website to learn more about this football club. ā€”
Read one of the better Blog's on Arsenal FC ā€”

Arsenal won their game yesterday with Portsmouth 1-0. It was a sloppy mess of a game. Sol Campbell managed to save the day by hammering in a pile driver of a goal from 22 metres at a speed of about 130 kph. Ouch for Pompey hurray for the Gooners.

Why do I mention this, well Iā€™d be interested in talking football until my fingers developed bruises from typing (well three maybe four fingers - just to elucidate my typing skills).


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